• check Engage Users
  • check Gather Feedback
  • check Gain Insights
  • check Collect Emails
  • check Mobile Friendly
  • check SEO Friendly
  • check 14 Day Free Trial
  • check 24 Hour Support Turnaround
  • check Money Back Guarantee
  • check Easy Installation
  • check Installation Support
  • check Starting From $5 /month
  • check Strictly Served Over HTTPS
  • check Completely Self Contained
  • check Secure Payments via Stripe
  • check Non-intrusive
  • check Less than 6kB in Size
  • check Updates Autonomously
Analyze responses view Analyze responses view on mobile
Analyze Responses

View questions and responses with ease. Navigate quickly between subsequent questions.

Analyze individual impressions view Analyze individual impressions view on mobile
View Specific Answers

Easily see all the answers a user provided for each Survai.

Activity view Activity view on mobile
New: Activity Feed

See all user activity as it comes in via the new Activity Feed.

Types of Survais

You can mix and match different question types into one Survai.

Multiple Choice Question, with between 2-5 answers; on a Survai
Multiple Choice Questions
  • Questions can be up to 100 characters long
  • Answers can be up to 50 characters long
  • Between 2-5 answers per question
Email Address Form on a Survai
Email Address Forms
  • Integrate with MailChimp
  • Fill your newsletter or email bank
  • Find early adopters
  • Tip: Provide discount codes/treats to those that do
Call to Action on a Survai
Call to Action Slides
  • Give your users somewhere to go
  • Include up to 140 characters before the button
  • Customize CTA button color, and text
  • Tip: Useful at the end of your Survai
  • Tip: Link users to discount pages using URL variables
Information Slide on a Survai
Information Slides
  • Let users know your Twitter account
  • Provide an email address for support or feedback
  • Hashtags are also automatically converted to links
Feedback form on a Survai
Feedback Forms
  • Let users give you something back
  • Feedback can be up to 140 characters in length
  • Tip: Provide an email address above the form
How Survais Works

1. Every Survai has a unique identifier and unique code snippet associated with it. Here is an example snippet:

<script src="https://www.survais.com/dist/survais.js" survai-api="YOUR_API_KEY" survai-type="SURVAI_TYPE" charset="utf-8"></script>

2. Place the snippet on each page you want the Survai to appear

3. The Survai will appear on the pages that contain the snippet